Barton BMC012 Stepped CV Generator

Barton Stepped CV Generator


Barton BMC012 Stepped CV Generator


The Variable Stepped Voltage Generator creates control voltages based on gate and trigger inputs. It increases or decreases the voltage by a set interval or multiple of that interval.
The interval is voltage controllable.



1. CV Input - This external CV input is used to determine the size of a voltage step, basically, the
smallest unit of pitch change created. This input has it's own attenuator and there is a manual
offset for the same control.
2-7. Step Increase/Decrease Inputs - These inputs either increase or decrease the output voltage by
a number of steps depending on which input. They increase by either 1, 2 or 4 steps and decrease
by either 1, 2 or 4 steps. A gate or trigger input should be used.
8. Reverse - When a trigger is inputted to the Reverse input, the step increase and step decrease
inputs swap functions, so a trigger to a step increase input would cause a decrease and vice versa.
9. Reset To Top - When a trigger is inputted, this causes the output voltage to go to the highest
possible voltage.
10. Reset To Bottom - When a trigger is inputted, this causes the output voltage to go to zero volts.
11. Update - This control's input is normalled to a high gate signal when nothing is plugged in.
When a gate or trigger signal is inputted it causes the module to read the cv input, when no gate or
trigger is inputted it uses the last read cv input.



1.CV Out - This outputs a control voltage.
2. At Top - This outputs a gate signal when the output voltage reaches the maximum through
increasing steps (does not turn on when using "reset to top" input)
3. At Bottom - This outputs a gate singal when the output voltage reaches zero volts through
decreasing steps.



1. Manual Step Size - This is a manual offset for the CV Input for step size.
2. Quantize - This is a toggle switch which controls whether or not the CV output is quantized to 12
steps per octave.
3-4. Upon Reset (optional) - These controls route the At Top and At Bottom outputs to either the
Reset at Top/Bottom or Reverse directions.
5-11. Increase/Decrease Step Buttons - These pushbuttons send manual gate signals to the
Increase/Decrease step controls.



A unique module from Michael Barton that uses triggers and gates to control CV.

The full kit includes PCB, PIC, clarke68 Eurorack panel (16hp) and all pcb and panel parts, power cable mounting screws. 



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Module Parameters
Panel Size16HP

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