Blacet VCO 2100

Blacet VCO 2100


Blacet VCO 2100

We acquired Blacet research in 2019 after the unfortunate passing of its founder, John Blacet. We will continue to make Blacet products available and support the FRAC format. 

Best discussion forum for the frac format: muff's frac forum

revB pcb set (4 pcbs included)

The VCO2100 is a highly accurate and stable voltage controlled oscillator module that responds to a one volt per octave control input. Five different waveforms are generated across the ultra audio, audio and sub audio range. Sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and VC wave are all simultaneously available. The VC wave uses a control voltage to morph from a triangle wave to various highly distorted square waves. The pulse waveform has a width CV input which can be swept from extinction through square to extinction. The sawtooth wave has been especially designed for optimal use with the Mini Wave Module. Frequency Modulation can be applied to the FM input which can be switched to a linear or exponential response and AC or DC coupling. This input has an attenuator. The sync input can be used with a pulse wave to have oscillators lock together when they are close in frequency. The +/- Octave input allows precision switching up one octave with a CV > +2.5V or down one octave with a CV < -2.5V. An on board tune button connects to the + octave circuitry, providing a convenient resource for calibration.

We have a very limited supply of original Blacet kits, and modules assembled by John Blacet himself. 


While stock lasts, kits will include the original Panasonic pots and Rean knobs. Once these are depleted we will be moving to Alpha pots and Chia Shin knobs. Because the flat d-shaft orientation, the old types and new types are NOT interchangaeable. 

If you use the old knobs on the new pots, or new knobs on the old pots, the pointer direction will be reversed 180 degrees from where John designed it. 




On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.

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