Bracket 3-Pot Long 7" Stooge MOTM

Out Of Stock bracket, 3-pot stooge MOTM (BKTBCSTG3MOTM3X) by


pcb mounting bracket, 'stooge' 3-pot MOTM long version

original bracket design by 'stooge' for mounting various DIY PCBs to MOTM format panels

generation 2 design by synthCube- brackets are now made of aluminum 

this bracket includes all of the original hole locations from the 'stooge' design, with substantially more pcb mounting holes to accommodate standoff spacing for other PCBs

bracket mounts firmly to panel via potentiometers, and pcb mounts to bracket via #4 (or M3)  standoffs. Pot spacing is standard MOTM grid. 

The 3-pot bracket has PCB holes for most MFOS panels and Tau Pipe Phaser.

It has 1.625” spacing, and .375” diameter pot holes.

It is 7” long and 3.875” wide.





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