CGS006 Burst Generator (MOTM Kit)


cgs006 burst generator, MOTM


MOTM 1U panel by bridechamber for the cgs006

full kit includes everything you need to build the module, with each part individually bagged and labelled

documentation here: cgs006


This module is a rhythm and timing accessory. It generates a burst of gate or trigger pulses at various speeds as set from a front panel control.

At higher speeds it can be used for washboard, maracas or similar rapid-burst percussive effects when connected to the appropriate sound generating device such as a ringing oscillator.

At lower speeds it can be used to step a sequencer a certain number of steps or retrigger an envelope shaper. The output pulses are quite narrow when the specified component values are used, and would best be described as trigger pulses in synths that distinguish gates from triggers. Increasing some component values will give longer gate like pulses

demo video courtesy of Suburban Heroin Electronics



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