The CGS348 Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) was initially created to replace the original VCOs in Ken's '73 Serge, so it replicates much of the functionality of that module. However, the design has been improved with various enhancements, making it suitable for a 1V/Octave synthesizer. The VCO core used is the popular Electronotes ENS-76 VCO Option 1, which is also used in the ASM-1, Modulus, and other similar devices. This core was chosen due to the wealth of information, substitute lists, and other resources available on the web.

The VCO has AC and DC linear CV inputs, 1V/Octave inputs, and scalable/reversible CV inputs. It produces sawtooth and pulse/square wave outputs, as well as a waveform that can be varied between a sawtooth and a "sine-like" shape, and a fixed "sine-like" output. Additionally, there is a sub-oscillator included for experimentation purposes.

The sub-oscillator is based on an LM3900 application note (AN-72), but it does not cover the full range available from the VCO core itself.


Classic LW panel for CGS VCO uses the newly revised CGS348 PCB and the Clee 4U bracket. 


The synthcube kit comes with banana jacks that follow the loudest warning color convention:

Red = logic out (gate/trigger)

White = logic in (gate/trigger)

Green = audio out

Yellow = audio in

Blue = CV out

Grey = CV In

Pcb+parts kit come with the PCB and all main pcb parts. No panel or panel parts included. 

Module Parameters
FormatLoudest Warning
Panel Size8HP

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