CGS522 Res EQ (MU)



CGS202 Res EQ dotcom/MU version (CGS522)

Laurie Biddulph (Elby Designs) has updated and refreshed the classic Ken Stone/Cat Girl Synth module designs including those licensed from Serge

Now we offer a dotcom/MU panel to match with the new CGS522 PCB set. Design courtesy of Brian Dunn. 

More information on the CGS522 from Elby here:

The panel is anodized black aluminum with graphics via the metalphoto process and includes the dotcom/MU format side flanges as expected. 

The synthCube kit includes everything you need to assemble the module— bring your own tools, solder and patience. The kit includes standoffs and mounting hardware for the PCB set to mount behind the panel, all PCB and panel parts, three colors of stranded hookup wire. 

(Note: synthCube kit includes silver center/white index line knobs, that differ from the dotcom/MU dot-index standard, due to the diameter. )

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2 pcb set
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synthCube kit
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