CGS504 Pre-amp


The CGS504 combines 2 functions in to a single module:-

  1. Preamplifier - for scaling external audio signals to EuroSynth audio levels
  2. Envelope Detector - also known as an Envelope Follower and which extract amplitude information from complex audio waveforms. The resulting dc voltage often drives non-linear stages, such as voltage-controlled amplifiers or filters.

The Preamplifier accepts a wide variety of inputs:-Lo-Z In - accepts outputs from high-output microphones in the range 200 to 1000 Ohms (such as most electret microphones), with a sensitivity suited for close-miking applications such as instrument or voice pick-up.Hi-Z In - accepts outputs from transducers such as guitar pickups and contact microphones. It is also suited for amplifying low-level signals from tape machines, tuners etc.

Sensitivity for various microphones and audio sources can be adjusted over a very wide range using the Preamp's [GAIN] control (but note, it will not cut the gain to zero).



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