CGS576 76 EG (Panel)

The CGS576 is an adaptation of the original Serge Envelope Generator from the early 'R' series.

Rise and Fall times are adjustable from 5mS to 20S.

[CV] affects both rise and fall equally while retaining their temporal proportaion relative to each other.

The [START] input will initiate an envelope generator cycle.

Applying a signal to the [HOLD] input will 'hold' the envelope at its current voltage.

[WINDOW SIZE] is a more intricate function.

This is a pulse trigger output which can be set to occur at any point in a cycle according to the position of the [WINDOW SIZE] control or by a control voltage at the [WINDOW] input.

This is a very useful function in obtaining a variable time delay between different envelope generators.

This is not an ADSR style generator and can be used as a voltage controlled LFO


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