Clee 4U Boat + Distro PCB


The Clee 4U Boat + Distro PCB is a must-have case for DIY builders and modular synthesizer musicians. This sleek 4U boat enclosure is designed to house your favorite modules in the Loudest Warning 4U format. Crafted from durable 16-gauge steel, this powder-coated semi-gloss black case offers style, protection and power for your synthesizer modules.
Featuring a convenient face with tapped holes (M2.5), the Clee 4U Boat accommodates up to 17 1" modules, allowing you to create a versatile modular setup. What sets this enclosure apart is the included passive power distribution PCB along the bottom edge. With 16 possible connections, this intelligent design enables short wiring runs from the modules to the distro board, no matter where they are placed within the enclosure. Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace a clean, efficient setup.
With external dimensions measuring 17" wide, 7" tall, and 3" deep, the Clee 4U Boat + Distro PCB provides ample space for your modules while remaining compact enough for easy portability. It's time to elevate your modular synthesizer experience with this thoughtfully designed enclosure that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Maximize your creativity and enjoy seamless integration of your favorite modules with the Clee 4U Boat + Distro PCB.
Rack ear sets come with #10-24 machine screws and nylon locking nuts


What is the loudestwarning format?

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