cubitz diy eurorack synthesizer case kits


cubitz diy eurorack synthesizer case kits

Cubitz diy eurorack synthesizer case kits make it easy and fun to create or expand your eurorack setup!

Available in clear acrylic, light blue acrylic hardboard gloss and birch plywood 

Three widths available-- 104hp, 84hp and 40hp

Shipped in 'flat-pak' to reduce costs. 

These cases are easy to build- vector rails come with M2.5 sliding square nuts, and attach to case sides via button head cap screws. Case side, top, bottom and back panels slide together and are assembled via button head machine screws and nuts. The case kit includes the power switch and wall wart inlet jack. You only need hex wrenches to assemble the case. 

Show off your DIY work! Clear and light blue acrylic cases allow friends and family to see the quality of your modular builds! Show off your solder point quality, internal blinkin' LEDs, flying wire organization and more! Use our different length power cables to keep your case looking clean and organized. 

The cases allow modules up to 2" (51mm) deep using the MSW power supply. If you use a different power system, chek the mounting depth off the back panel to calculate the module depth allowed. 

You can use the power supply and distribution product of your choosing, or install the synthCube / Michigan Synthworks eurorack power kit and bussboard. Holes in the back panel of the case are pre-drilled for the synthCube/MSW bussboard mounting. The MSW power supply kit offers 10W per 12V rail (833 mA maximum load), 633 mA 5V rail (optional).  Low noise, High efficiency DC powered PSU (9-36V DC Input, 2A minimum recommended power brick)

Supply your own wallwart to meet the power requirements of your rack, or buy the one we specified for our Music From Outer Space eurorack systems.  We have standardized on the Phihong 30W 12V 2.5A power brick due to its quality and the availability of interchangeable power plug for US, UK and EU applications. If you order the wall wart here, we will ship the power plug that is associated with your shipping address--  unless you specify otherwise. 

If you choose the synthCube/MSW power kit, note the correct size kit for your case: the 104hp and 84hp cases require the 13 header MSW power kit (8 mounting screws)  while  40hp cases require the 8 header MSW power kit (6 mounting screws)

special thanks to michigan synthworks for the case design work

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