Black Corp DDRM MkI V2: Deckard's Dream (DIY)

Deckard's Dream MkI v2


Black Corp DDRM MkI V2: Deckard's Dream (DIY)


(same as MkII DIY version)

Parts Kits to support your DIY build of the V2 Deckard's Dream polyphonic analogue synthesizer. 

PCB sets now sold by Black Corp as Deckards Dream MkII kits. 

BOM V2.1.4

Full information about the Deckard's Dream is here: Deckards Dream


Beyond this parts kit, the additional items you will need to complete a full DIY DDRM include:


Panel/Case: available here: DDRM PANEL/CASE (be sure to order the V2 case not the V1 case)

ST Link Cable and Adapter 


DDRMV2 kits are excluded from any synthCube FREE SHIPPING offer;  We will send you an invoice for the actual shipping cost after you order this item. 


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