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Barton BMC074 Attenuate Offset Invert (PCB)

 barton bmc074 Attenuate Offset Invert (AOI) This module provides basic functions ..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC075 Envelope Follower (PCB)

 Barton BMC075 Envelope Follower This module converts an audio input to a cont..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC076 Common Input Logic Gates (PCB)

 BMC076 Common Input Logic Gates This 4hp Eurorack module provides three ..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC078 Infrared Input (PCB)

 Barton BMC078 Infrared Input (PCB) This module is designed to allow infrared ..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC079 Rise Fall Detector (PCB)

 Barton BMC079 Rise Fall Detector (PCB) This module monitors a voltage on the ..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC080 Diode Low Pass Filter (PCB)

 Barton BMC080 Diode Low Pass Filter (PCB) This is a 4-pole diode-ladder low p..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC081 Quad Gate Inverter (PCB)

 Barton BMC081 Quad Gate Inverter (PCB) This module consists of 4 gate inverte..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC082 Triangle Frequency Doubler

 Barton BMC082 Triangle Frequency Doubler This module consists of four triangl..

Priced from
$8.00 to $22.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC083 VC Delay (PCB)

 Barton BMC083 VC Delay (PCB) This module provides an audio delay line with vo..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC084 2 Channel Voltage to Rhythm Converter

 barton bmc084 2 channel voltage to rhythm converter This is a two channel ve..

Priced from
$14.00 to $35.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton Dual Digital Noise (MOTM Panel)

 Barton Dual Digital Noise (MOTM Panel)The MOTM format panel to build the barton dual..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

Barton Dual Quantizer (Frac Banana DIY)

 Barton Dual Quantizer (Frac Banana DIY) this is a full kit to build a michael..

$89.00 Ex Tax: $89.00

Barton Dual Quantizer (Frac DIY)

 this is a full kit to build a michael barton dual simple quantizerit includes everythi..

$89.00 Ex Tax: $89.00

Barton Dual Quantizer (Frac Panel)

this is a frac/frac banana panel for creating a barton dual simple quantizerit is suitable for 3..

$26.00 Ex Tax: $26.00

Barton Dual Quantizer (MOTM Panel)

 Barton Dual Quantizer (MOTM Panel) this is an motm format panel for creating ..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

Beast-Tek Amoeba 2.0

 Beast-Tek Amoeba 2.0 At the core of Amoeba is an artificial intelligence base..

$199.00 Ex Tax: $199.00

Beast-Tek Dirty Glitch VCO 3

 Beast-Tek Dirty Glitch VCO 3The Beast-Tek Dirty Glitch is a high experimental V..

Price : $150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Beast-Tek Double Dragon

 Beast Tek Double Dragon Double Dragon is a dual complex LFO that packs a fata..

$199.00 Ex Tax: $199.00

Beast-Tek Irukandji Glitch Drum/VCO 3

 Beast-Tek Irukandji Glitch Drum/VCO 3The Irukandji Glitch Drum can be used as a drum..

$150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Beast-Tek Microbe 1.2

 Beast-Tek Microbe 1.2 Microbe is a cut-down version of its big brother Amoeba..

$164.00 Ex Tax: $164.00

Beast-Tek Mutagen

 Beast-Tek Mutagen Mutagen is packed with logic options for adding spice and v..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $189.00

Beast-Tek P-239 Hyper Fist VCO 3

 Beast-Tek P-239 Hyper Fist VCO 3 The Plutonium-239 Hyper Fist is a post apoca..

Price : $150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Beast-Tek Parasite 1.2

 Beast-Tek Parasite 1.2 Parasite is a dedicated expander module for the Beast-..

Price : $99.00 Ex Tax: $99.00

Beast-Tek Pathogen (DIY Kit)

 Beast-Tek Pathogen (DIY Kit)Pathogen is comprised of two separate tempo synchronized..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $189.00

Beast-Tek Pixel Drum 1.3

 Beast-Tek Pixel Drum 1.3Full factory kit from beast-tekPixel Drum is a gritty, g..

$175.00 Ex Tax: $175.00