TTSH v4 DIY Synthesizer

TTSH v4 DIY Synthesizer



TTSH v4 DIY Synthesizer

Current synthCube Kit BOM Version 1.7

In collaboration with Human Comparator, we have taken the TTSH v3, modified and updated it, and are making it available again

The TTSH v4 is available in a number of  configurations:

1.       Assembled and Tested: Contact us for details. 

2.       Full DIY Kit Including Metal Studio Case

3.       Full DIY Kit Less Case: PCB , Panel, Full Parts Kit, No Case—make your own enclosure!

4.       PCB Set + Panel + Case: source your own parts!

5.       PCB Set + Panel: Source your own parts and make your own enclosure!

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Tolex road cases are no longer available for this instrument. 

TTSH V3 build documentation thread: TTSH V3

TTSH V4 build documentation thread: TTSHv4 Guide Link

The TTSH v4 includes the following updates from v3:

1.       Corrected the Pin out for the 2N3954/8 

2.       Corrected the missing trace on the filtercard 4072

3.       Corrected the bc558 wring pinout on 4012 VCF Card 

4.       Corrected the ‘via’ filling that created issues with jacks

5.       Add mainboard VCF header missing -15V power

6.       Add mounting hole for Gatebooster PCB standoff

7.       Removed dimming autostart on LED

8.      New spec for lo-fi speakers






On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.


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Available Options

full kit + pcb set + panel (no case)
In stock / $1,699.00
Available : 6
pcb set + panel
In stock / $499.00
Available : 20
ttsh led slider cap set (58 caps)
In stock / $99.00
Available : 7
ttsh v4 studio case, black powdercoat
In stock / $249.00
Available : 16
ttsh v4 studio wood case, cherry
In stock / $369.00
Available : 4
ttsh v4 studio wood case, poplar
In stock / $369.00
Available : 2
ttsh v4 studio wood case, walnut
In stock / $369.00
Available : 4
ttsh v4, panel only
In stock / $249.00
Available : 20
ttsh v4, partial kit- all parts less pcbs, panel and case
In stock / $1,199.00
Available : 10
ttsh v4, pcb only
In stock / $249.00
Available : 29

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