DJ Thomas White Dual LPG C68 Aluminum Version

dj thomas white dual lpg, full kit, euro, 12hp (KITTWDLPGECLKXX) by

DJ Thomas White Dual LPG C68 Aluminum Version


DJ Thomas White Dual LPG, c68 Aluminum Version


A synth DIY classic and long-time favorite!

The origins of the module are described here, courtesy of natural rhythym music:


Other good build and demo threads here:


Full synthCube kit includes everything you need to assemble the module, with each part individually bagged and labelled

Important: This kit is offered ‘on-demand.’ When we receive your order for the kit, we will prepare and QC your full kit before shipping. Depending upon demand and availability-  the kit could ship as early as a day or two, or in some cases could take up to two weeks to ship.

Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count164
Module Parameters

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