EAS Miss 10 LFO/S+H/Noise



eas miss 10 lfo/sh/noise


documentation here: miss 10 lfo thread


Note: some older pcbs may have oxidation on some traces, please be sure to clean off before soldering. 

Inputs / Outputs / Controls 

Speed Pot- sets the modulation frequency. 

Skew Pot- Sweeps the 'Triangular' output from saw at one extreme, to triangle in Mid position, to a Ramp wave at the other extreme. 
At the same time this pot also sweeps the PW ratio on the 'rectangular' output. 

Triangular Output- saw thru, triangle thru, 
ramp. set by Skew Pot. 

Rectangular Output- 90% on 10% off, thru 10% on thru 90% off- set by Skew Pot. 


Sample and Hold (actually a Track and Hold) 

Signal Input- signal to be Tracked, sampled and Held. 

Trigger/gate input-Use this input to instigate the track, sample, and hold. This input has a comparator on it, so it can accept a large variety of signals. 
A gate on this input will cause the Signal input to pass thru to the output unaffected as long as the Gate remains HIGH. 
When the Gate goes LOW the output will "hold" at the voltage that was present on the signal input until a new gate/trigger is applied. 
A short pulse on this input will cause the unit to act more like a traditional sample and hold. 

S/H output- Outputs input signal when Gate/Trigger is HIGH. Outputs CV of sampled signal when gate/trigger goes LOW. 

Pink Output- Pink filtered Noise. 

White Output- White Noise! pshh 


On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.

Module Parameters

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