Electro-Harmonix & Sovtek Spares

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Alpha 100K Linear and Audio (USA Big Muff)

 OEM replacement for the Big Muff. 24mm solder terminals, split knurled shaft. ..

Price : $2.50 Ex Tax: $2.50

Alpha 24mm 100K Audio PC Mount (USA Big Muff)

24mm PC-mount, split knurled shaft. Serve as replacement for a USA Big Muff A100K pot.  ..

$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.50

Alpha DPDT Slide Switch

Alpha DPDT with mounting screws for replacement in Big Muff and others.  Also the power sw..

$1.50 Ex Tax: $1.50

Alpha E-H POG2 Slide Pot

 Alpha p/n RA3021F-202-15C1-Value, also for the Micro-Synth and Bass Micro-Synth. 5K Linear..

Price : $2.75 Ex Tax: $2.75

Black Knurled Pointer, D-Shaft, White Index

D-Shaft syle for the Old Big Muff and Memory Man ..

Price : $1.95 Ex Tax: $1.95

Davies # 1550 White Index

A classic shape, Davies Molding #1550AG, about 1.19" diameter at the skirt. Set screw, for..

$2.99 Ex Tax: $2.99

DPDT (On-On-On) 0223M

On-On-On sub-mini, OEM replacement in E-H Holy Grail..

$2.75 Ex Tax: $2.75

DPDT (On-On-On) Sub-Mini Short Lever

Same On-On-On action as SKU 0223E for switched capacitor apps, but with short lever. ..

$2.10 Ex Tax: $2.10

DPDT (On-On-On) Sub-Mini Toggle PC Pin

Sub-mini version of the On-On-On toggle used for switched capacitor apps. Replacement part for a num..

$2.10 Ex Tax: $2.10

Green Russian BMP Classic Style

Made from our tooling to fit a 1/4" diameter, smooth, full-round shaft. If you are restoring an..

Price : $1.49 Ex Tax: $1.49

Jack, Mono, PC Pins, E-H

Mono input jack, 4 PC pins, switched, metal ferrule.  New Sensor p/n BJ121...

$1.35 Ex Tax: $1.35

Jack, Stereo, PC Pins, E-H

Stereo input jack, 6 PC pins, switched, metal ferrule.  MXR replacement jack.  New Sensor p/n BJ124...

$1.35 Ex Tax: $1.35

Jack, Stereo, PC Pins, Russian BMP

Replacement for some editions of the Russian-made BMP and Small Stone. Stereo Input jack, 6 PC board..

$1.75 Ex Tax: $1.75

Knob, Push-On for E-H Micro & Nano Series (SML)

Will fit the standard 1/4" split shaft pots like SKU 1010. Click title for choices. ..

Price : $1.35 Ex Tax: $1.35

Mode Pot for Oceans 11

9mm right-angle, knurled shaft, 10K Linear, 11 detents...

$2.75 Ex Tax: $2.75

Mode Switch For The Q-Tron or Stereo Polychorus

4 positions, non-shorting. For the original Q-Tron, Stereo Polychorus, Echo Flanger. Possibly a..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.50