Erica Synths DIY Rare Parts

Erica Synths DIY Rare Parts


Building one of erica synths awesome diy modules? We have a limited supply of rare parts for you!

K140UD12 - Versatile programmable operational amplifier used in the original Polivoks VCF. 
KR198NT1A - Matched transistor IC, used in the Polivoks VCO. 
KR551UD1B – Operational amplifier used in the original Polivoks VCO
AS1100CK2- monolithic sample-and-hold (S&H) circuit, controlled by signal LOGIC, stores the instantaneous values of the input signal and for a certain time maintain a  constant  DC  voltage at the output with high accuracy.

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AS1100CK2 sample & hold IC
In stock / $8.99
Available : 3
5 OR MORE $5.99
K140UD12 op amp IC
Out of Stock - $8.99
KR198NT1A matched transistor IC
In stock / $8.99
Available : 10
5 OR MORE $5.99
KR551UD1B op amp IC
In stock / $8.99
Available : 12
5 OR MORE $5.99

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