falafular spaeterneiza

falafular spaeterneiza

falafular spaeterneiza

from falafular: 

"4hp clock divider with four divider stages (n/2, n/4, n/8 and n/16) that can be turned on and off manually with pushbutton controls or with external gates/ triggers. 
The outputs of these dividers don't overlap and when all stages are active, the clock is simply passed on to the output. 
Furthermore it makes a very nice 4 octave, switchable sub- oscillator. 
But I use it mainly as a pattern generator, sending in the masterclock and using arbitrary trigger signals to switch on and off divider stages. I like the stuff it outputs driving my percussive voices and sequencers"

this kit uses SMT caps, resistors and ICs. some experience with SMT soldering would be useful. 

more information in this thread: spaeternesia forum thread

Kit Parameters
Build Difficulty moderate
Parts Count 102
SMT Parts
a mix of SMT and thru-hole

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