Falafular Quad Patternizer

falafulars qd patternizer, kit, 20hp (KITFAQDPTNONE20) by synthcube.com

Falafular Quad Patternizer




falafulars qd patternizer, kit, 20hp

full kit includes everything you need to build this awesome module. this kit uses a high number of SMT parts- please do not use this as your first effort in DIY SMT!

euro panel by clarke robinson

"It is a Quad Patternizer, a 20hp, 4 channel clock divider with four divider stages (n/2, n/4, n/8 and n/16) per channel, that can be turned on and off manually with pushbutton controls or with external gates/ triggers. 

The outputs of these dividers don't overlap and when all stages are active, the clock is simply passed on to the output. 
Furthermore it makes a very nice switchable sub- oscillator. 
But I use it mainly as a pattern generator, sending in the masterclock and using arbitrary trigger signals to switch on and off divider stages. I like the stuff it outputs driving my percussive voices and sequencers. 


This shows the output order for the 4 divider stages. Note that th cd4089 leaves out 1 pulse in every 16 pulses when all stages are active. I used to just live with this but on the latest Patternizer models I have fixed it with extra logic circuitry (cd4012 and cd4052). So when all stages are active, it now simply passes on the inputted clock signal. 


more information is here: quad patternizer link


Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate-Hard
Parts Count320
Module Parameters
Panel Size20HP

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