Fonitronik PS3100 Triple Vactrol Resonators

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fonitronik ps3100 triple vactrol resonators

this is a clone of the triple resonator from the korg ps3100 polyphonic modular

The module features three vactrol based voltage controlled bandpass filters with fixed Q, as known from the PS3100. It provides a common input and output for all three channels, as well as single in- and outputs. The on-board wide range triangle LFO is resettable (sync) and is normalled to the CV inputs of the 3 BPFs. The LFOs signal can be inverted for the 3rd channel.

the full kit includes everything you need to complete the module, including the vtl5c3/2 vactrols

discussion thread  here: fonik tvr

link to the build documentation: build guide





here's a fantastic time lapse video build courtesy of fin studios:



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Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyEasy-Moderate
Parts Count185
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