Fonitronik TH 555 VCO (10HP)

Fonitronik TH 555 VCO (10HP)


Fonitronik TH 555 VCO (10HP)


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Thomas Henry 2012: “A VCO using easy to find parts. If I may be so immodest, this is my best design to date. The waveforms look great and if you check the measurements, below, you'll see it's the most accurate I've ever come up with. My favorite VCO of all times is the CEM3340, and I've always wanted to approximate it somehow. After nearly thirty years, I finally have a design which comes the closest. The accuracy on my breadboard was very good. The sync is a real treat and basically comes along for free. If you're looking for cleverness, then be sure to check out how I did the sync, the ramp, and buffered the sine to keep the chip count down. So there it is. Have fun with it.“


Inputs: 1V/Oct, Sync, Lin FM, Exp FM, PWM Outputs: Tri, Ramp, Sine, Pulse Now with LFO-mode Switch/LED


The frontpanel measures: 10HP (Eurorack) Mounting depth behind frontpanel incl. power plug: 40mm Power consumption: +25mA/-20mA

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