Fonitronik TH VCO Maximus 3340


Fonitronik TH VCO Maximus 3340


fonitronik thomas henry vco maximus

In 1987 Thomas Henry published the CEM3340 based 'Deluxe VCO' in his book Build A Better Music Synthesizer. In the following years everything went digital and the CEM chips went out of production. With the recent re-issues of the classic CEM synthesizer function block ICs these chips have become available again at a decent price. And Thomas Henry re-visited and re-invented the Deluxe VCO that transformed quickly into something completely new, the VCO MAXIMUS.

PCBs are available for building the module with your own panel. We also offer the euro panel+pcb bundle and also a euro panel+pcb+CEM3340IC bundle. You can order a full kit and optionally, use our assembly-on-demand (AOD) service

– triangle, ramp, sine and pulse outputs
– pulse/sub blend
– switchable fifth/octave, add/subtract, sub/sub-sub effects
– strong and weak sync
– linear and exponential FM
– 1V/octave response
– no matched pair and/or TEMPCO resistor needed

Width: 16HP (Eurorack)
Depth (incl. power plug): 40mm


synthCube offers ‘factory’ (maker) assembled versions of many of the modules we carry.

we also offer ‘assembly-on-demand’ (AOD) service. Modules where we offer AOD, you can order a full kit, and also order the assembly-on-demand- labor item in your cart. We’ll assemble and test the module then ship it to you.


AOD modules come with a full one-year repair/replace warranty. Lead times for assembly vary based on seasonality and demand, typically range from 3-7 working days and may take shorter or longer

Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count153
SMT parts0
Module Parameters

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