Frequency Central Raging Bull VCF 3.0

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Frequency Central Raging Bull VCF 3.0

Raging Bull is based on the legendary Moog Taurus Mk I VCF and VCA. It has a lovely, thick Moog-like quality, which is further enhanced by the drive you can get out of its VCA at higher settings.

A big part of the sound of the Taurus was the way in which the VCF interfaced with the VCA, so on Raging Bull the VCA is always in the audio path. A toggle switch allows you to select ‘always open’ or CV control of the VCA from CV input 3.

By sending an ADSR into CV3, the signal will go to the VCA CV input unattenuated and the VCF CV input via the attenuator 2. By sending a gate into CV3, and setting the attenuator to zero, the VCA can be gated while the gate has no affect on the VCF.



Depth: 35mm
Width: 10HP
5V Draw: 0mA
12V Draw: 8mA
-12V Draw: 7mA



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Module Parameters
Panel Size10HP

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