Frequency Central System X ADSR



Frequency Central System X ADSR (MU/Dotcom)

The System X ADSR full kit includes everything you need to build the module!

The snappiest envelope in Euro just became the snappiest envelope in MU. With a 1 MU footprint and options for Dotcom and MOTM power headers it should suit every MU system’s requirements


What People Have To Say

“I received my System X Envelopes on Friday, just tried them out this weekend, they are without a doubt the best envelopes I’ve ever used.”
“I am telling you Rick, best envelopes in Eurorack by a bloody long mile!”
“I just got the FC System X Envelopes in this afternoon. I’m pretty much in love with them.”
“The System X Envelopes are super snappy and responsive, maybe the most of any Euro
ADSR I’ve played yet.”
“It kills other ADSR’s then dresses inappropriately at their funerals.”
“They kick ass!”



— Panel Width: 1MU
— Module Depth: 29mm
— 5V Draw: 0mA
— 15V Draw: 7mA
— -15V Draw: 7mA


Module Parameters

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