Ginko Synthese TTLFO v2 (DIY Kit)

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ginko synthese TTLFO v2, full kit

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This is the upgraded version of the TTLFO available as DIY kit.

It can go wild! All parameters are voltage controlled and modulating the waveform, clock divider or distort function gives you the most exciting waveforms you can imagine, but all in sync with your clocksignal.

It is a relatively easy build but has quite a lot of parts. So it is suitable for beginners but building will take about 2 hours (you can probably do it faster but you need to enjoy it).

  • Eurorack size
  • Width: 8HP
  • +/-12V (no 5V needed)
  • compatible with Doepfer
  • skiff-friendly (only 25mm in depth)


  • 8 waveforms
  • multiplier / clock divider
  • horizontal wave distort
  • external clock input
  • CV input for waveform select
  • CV input for multiplier
  • CV input for distort amount
  • LFO output (selectable between 0/5V and -5V/+5V)
  • clock output
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