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Guinguin MME


Guinguin MME


60hp eurorack DIY project

Based on the famous Minimoog

The synthCube full kit includes everything you need to complete the module.

It includes pcb parts, rare parts, panel parts, knobs, power cable, mounting hardware etc. 

The partial kit does not include the pcb + panel set.

You can purchase the pcb + panel set here along with the synthCube parts kit for a complete module. 

Each part is individually bagged and labelled for easy reference with the guinguin build guides, located here: mme build guide

Kits include flashed transistors.

muffwiggler build thread here: thread


picture of assembled back courtesy of fuzzbass

demo courtesy of anti schocken



Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate - Difficult
Parts Count802
Module Parameters
Panel Width60HP

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synthCube kit
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panel+pcb set
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