hexinverter jupiter storm, MOTM

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hexinverter jupiter storm, MOTM

hexinverter jupiter storm, MOTm format 2U

kit includes everything to build the module. all parts are individually bagged and labelled

Jupiter Storm is a cosmic noise oscillator. It creates sounds that can only be described as out of this world! Where it differs entirely from other pure white noise generators (such as vcNOIZ) is in the algorithm used to produce the sound. Jupiter Storm has a tonal character very much of its own.

Jupiter Storm generates its sound from three square wave oscillators, interacting with one another in a unique algorithm. Some of the sounds possible are reminiscent of the sound of an AM radio being blasted with noise from the cosmos.. This creates noise with significant harmonic content and unique timbres!

With the Noise Core Disruptor engaged, part of the noise core is creatively abused in order to generate insane sonic textures.

Voltage control inputs for all three square waves which energize the noise core are available as well as a CV input that addresses all three oscillators at once. In this way, very dynamic sounds can be achieved with complex modulation routing. For example, you can apply a taste of LFO modulation to all three oscillators, while modulating a select oscillator simultaneously on its own with something more drastic. 

No microcontrollers are present in the design of this analog module. 

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