hexinverter jupiter storm, pcbs+panel, dotcom 2U

Out Of Stock hexinverter jupiter storm, pcbs+panel, dotcom 2U (BNDHIJUPSDCOM2U) by synthcube.com

hexinverter jupiter storm, pcbs+panel, dotcom 2U

new for the dotcom/MU format

hexinverter.net jupiter storm 'cosmic noise oscillator'

the bundle includes the pcb and new panel by caleb condit

documentation is here: jupiter storm build guide

  • Square wave noise core creates everything from pitched ring modulated textures to hissing and screeching, broken radio tones
  • Noise core square wave VCOs (not v/oct, but close) each have an output so drones can be created simultaneously alongside noise
  • Noise Core Disruptor mode creatively abuses the noise algorithm into unique sounding noise timbres
  • Four noise outputs (I, IV, VII, XI) each with their own unique sound in Noise Core Disruption mode
  • Dedicated input for each oscillator as well as global oscillator CV, for complex modulation
  • Expanding with a Galilean Moons adds percussion-centric features that turn Jupiter Storm into a very capable percussion and sound FX synthesis machine

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