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Full kit includes everything-- SMT and thru-hole parts, pcbs, panel, button, power cable etc.


The Horstronic Arcade Button is a 6HP module that features 2 inputs and 6 outputs: 

- 2 gate outputs (OnGate is high when the button is pressed, OffGate is high when it is released) 
- 2 trigger outputs, putting out a 10ms trigger signal when pressing (OnTrigger) and releasing (OffTrigger) the button.
- A FlipFlop output that changes its state when the button is pressed; can be used as a /2 divider for clocks or audio (>20kHz) as well.
- A signal input and output to turn on and off any signal you want to put through it (buffered).
- A Gate input, so you can skip the button and use the module as a simplified comparator (OnGate, OffGate), trigger generator (OnTrigger, OffTrigger), clock divider (FlipFlop) or whatever comes to your mind.

It's great for triggering drums because the response of the button is pretty good and fast. Maybe it might even make sense to use multiple modules for that purpose. But there are also a lot of other purposes that come to mind. Like using it with the joystick and a S/H to select values of the joystick on a button press.

The Horstronic Arcade Button is great addition to any system, without taking up too much space.

As you can see the module features a double sided panel (as seen on my joystick module) so you can decide whether you want the button on the top or the bottom. As the panel PCB can't just be turned like the panel because of the arrangement of the components there will be two panel PCBs shipped with every PCB set, one for having the button on the top and one for mounting it at the bottom. 

Documentation here: Horstronic Arcade


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Kit Parameters
Build Difficultyeasy-moderate
Parts Count64
SMT partssome SMT
Module Parameters

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