Barton BMC022 Auto-Seq

Barton BMC022 Auto-Seq


Barton BMC022 Auto-Seq


Eurorack aluminum panel by clarke robinson, 12hp

Auto-Seq is shorthand for "Automated Sequencer." It is a unique step sequencer which programs it's own sequences. There is a small selection of controls to help refine it's sequences to the taste of the composer. There is no way of storing and recalling the sequences which it writes, Auto-Seq is an improviser. If you're interested in random composition, or if you're just tired of the hand cramps that come with programming traditional step sequencers, then this is a module that you might find useful.


- A built in quantizer with mode selection 
- A built in clock multiplier/divider ranging from x4 to /8. 
- Control over length of pattern and range of pitches
- Straight or random Rhythms
- External reset, and pattern write inputs and more.



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Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count82
SMT parts0
Module Parameters
Panel Size12HP

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