Barton BMC059 Multi-PWM

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barton bmc059 multi-pwm

This module is a waveshaper that uses several PWM circuits (comparators) in parallel to create "staircase" style waveshapes. It has three outputs with differing numbers of steps in the waveform and voltage controls for the threshold points of the comparators. It is completely analog and is compatable in +/-12V or +/-15V systems.

Audio Demos:
DEMO 1. This is the sound of a base triangle wave input, then the 8step, 5 step and 3 step outputs from that triangle wave with no modulation.
DEMO 2. This is the sound of a triangle wave run through a VCA before the module. You'll hearthe 8 step, then 5 step and then 3 step outputs. There is some adjustment of HI/LO controls between outputs.
DEMO 3. This the 8 step output with a triangle wave input and a pair of LFOs modulating the HI/LO thresholds.

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