L-1 Quad Discrete VC Equalizer Resonator

L-1 Quad Discrete VC Equalizer Resonator


L-1 Quad Discrete VC Equalizer Resonator

Only available as a Factory Assembled module


The Quad Discrete VC Equalizer/Resonator from L-1 is an analog, four-band parametric EQ for Eurorack modular synthesizers, offering you a wide range of controls that are begging to be modulated. Looking at the EQ section alone, each band’s bandpass filter features full 1V/oct control ranging the entire frequency spectrum and can be utilized either as an EQ or purely a resonator to isolate frequencies. Narrow or widen each band with the bandwidth controls and determine the severity of effect based on the bipolar level control. Unique to bands one and four, you can switch from a bell/bandpass shape to either a low or high shelf, respectively, for wider boosting/cutting on the ends.


Each frequency, bandwidth, and level control allows for control via external CV inputs (per band!), making for a fully flexible and morphing EQ or resonator. And because each filter can become its own oscillator via the four centered dip-switches, you can get polyphonic harmonic and melodic performance on top of your incoming sound or on its own. On top of individual control, you also have a master CV input over each parameter type for larger and more unified changes, and the audio input not only has a level control but also an overload LED for catching any clipping before hitting the output. With a bypass switch for gain matching or just to use and effect, L-1's Quad Discrete VC Equalizer/Resonator is a fantastic processor as well as a generator for adding unique and altering timbres to your modular system.



Four-band EQ/resonator for Eurorack modular synths

Design based around discrete Blacksea gain cells (12 in total)

One audio input, one audio output, and extensive modulation options

Dedicated octave, semitone, and level controls for each filter band

CV inputs for per-band filter frequency, bandwidth, and level

Dedicated input level control with overload LED indicator

Resonator and equalizer modes for extended functionality

Per-filter "oscillate" DIP switches for self-oscillation (each filter offers 1V/Oct tracking!)

Channel 1 switchable to low shelf

Channel 4 switchable to high shelf

Bypass switch for disengaging effect


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