L-1 4-Channel Discrete VC Stereo Mixer + Mute and IO Expanders

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The L-1 4-Channel Discrete Stereo Mixer with IO Expander and Mute Expander is a must-have piece of gear for any modular synth player. With four discrete channels, this mixer allows for precise control over each individual sound source. The included IO expander makes it easy to connect and switch between various inputs and outputs, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient patching.


The mixer from L-1 also includes a Mute Expander, allowing for quick and easy muting and unmuting of specific channels. This is especially useful for electronic musicians who may be layering multiple sounds or working with complex arrangements. This module set will help you ensure that each audio signal is reproducible, helping immensely in both performance and recording settings. The L-1 4-Channel Discrete Stereo Mixer with IO Expander and Mute Expander is a powerful tool for any electronic synthesizer musician looking to take their sound to the next level.


A note from L-1:

"L-1 4-channel Discrete Stereo Mixer + expanders has 10 discrete 'Blacksea' VCAs in there. 8 VCAs control channels, and an additional pair of VCAs controls external inputs from IO Expander. The IO Expander has 4 pairs of external inputs, and 4 pairs of individual outputs from channels, and can be used as a send-return. The Mute Expander mutes channels via CV. Simultaneously and without clicks. The panel sizes are 22HP (mixer) + 4HP (mute) + 4HP (IO)."



Module Parameters
Panel Size30hp

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