L-1 Dual VC ADSR

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The L-1 VC ADSR Eurorack synth module is an excellent tool for musicians and sound designers looking for precise and flexible envelope generation in their modular synthesizer setup, available here as a DIY synth kit. This dual envelope generator features voltage control on each stage and output amplitude. With a wide range of voltage inputs, this module can generate complex and dynamic envelopes for any musical style, from quick percussive attacks to long, 20 second decays for your more lush soundscapes.


The L-1 VC ADSR’s design is both sleek and user-friendly, featuring large knobs for each of the envelope stages on both envelope generators, and the ability to switch between linear and exponential curves. This 22HP Eurorack module would be an excellent addition to any setup. Whether you're a seasoned sound designer or just starting with modular synthesis, the L-1 VC ADSR synthesizer module is an excellent choice to find your most unique and expressive sounds.






This Eurorack DIY synth kit includes everything you need to build the module.

All of the SMT parts are ALREADY SOLDERED fro you – through hole assembly only!

More documentation here: l-1 vc adsr


A note from L-1:

"L-1 VC ADSR. Analogue constant slope dual VC ADSR. The circuit is based on Envylope schematic by Aaron Cram. The circuit is completely analog, no timers, logic chips etc., only transistors and opamps.

  • Two identical ADSR generators.
  • Attack range 0.1ms - 10s.
  • Decay and Release ranges 0.5ms - 20s.
  • Constant slope action.
  • 4 state leds show each step of the ADSR.
  • Linear or exponential slopes with separate switches for attack and decay/release.
  • Voltage control on each stage and output amplitude.
  • Sustain gate output produces gates during sustain time.
  • Trigger input resets the envelope.

Power consumption: V+ 77mA, V- 77mA"



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