LushOne Base Kit

lush one base, kit (KITLSBASENONE01) by is a wonderful analog synth site! we are pleased to carry items from them!

this kit is for the lush one 'base'-- The key module is the LushOne Base which contains two oscillators to create the original sounds and a filter to modify the notes. The LushOne Base can be controlled by any MIDI keyboard



About the LushOne system

Have you always wanted a modular synthesizer at a reasonable price? With the LushOne kit you can experience the strange, fun world of modular synthesizers without breaking the bank.

The idea for the LushOne system occurred when I was thinking about buying a modular synth but couldn't bring myself to pay what they cost. I thought "wouldn't it be good if someone would make an equivalent a Sinclair computer for the modular synth world?". I designed a modular synth that stripped out the costs while providing an instrument that is cheap and flexible to allow people to get started without a big commitment. The LushOne is the implementation of this vision.

A modular synthesizer consists of electronic modules that can be joined together in different combinations to create an almost infinite number of sound-generating circuits. The invention of the modular synthesizer was fundamental to the development of electronic music and sound effects. Musicians who want to explore and recapture the sounds of analogue electronic music are often drawn to modular synthesizers as these are the most flexible pre-digital instruments. Modular synthesizers are fascinating for anyone who loves experimenting with different sounds.

The LushOne system consists of several modules with a standard size, connector and controller formats. Each LushOne module typically contains several functions that are usually sold as separate units in modular synths. By combining multiple functions in to each module you can quickly build a highly featured system at a price cheaper than other modular synthesizer alternatives. Though functions are combined in to modules each function is logically separate and fully patchable in to any configuration you wish.

To open the world of modular synths to beginners we have provided user documentation that shows how to use each module and how different functions can be combined to create different sound effects. Each module typically as detailed tutorials and videos to demonstrate the key features.

The LushOne modules are sold as electronic kits for construction at home. The kits contain all electronic parts and should be suitable for anyone with basic experience of kit constructions. Construction documentation is provided for all kits. The LushOne system keeps all controls on the main circuit board so there is no point to point wiring required.

As well as being low-cost the LushOne system modules also pack a lot of functionality in to a small space. This makes them ideal for compact, portable systems. It also makes them highly suitable for people that want to construct their own bespoke synthesizer cases. See some of the photos below!


Small LushOne systems can be conveniently powered by two 9V batteries. This feature makes it very easy to get started. For larger systems a mains-driven power source is recommended and designs for systems that can be built with basic electronics construction knowledge are provided.

Module Parameters

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