majella audio vvca


majella audio vvca

majella audio vvca

The VVCA is designed to add velocity control over the amplitude of your modular synthesizer, in a very straightforward way.

Applying velocity voltages adds more expression while playing keys or add accents/dynamics using a sequencer etc.

Of course the VVCA can be used in many other creative ways and behaves like a normal VCA when the velocity input is not connected.

There are two VCA's with velocity control voltage inputs in this 4HP module!


Important note:

This module uses the 5V rail (16 pin eurorack connector)!


This module is handcrafted and tested in the Netherlands.


    ·        dimensions: 128.5 x 20 x 2 mm

    ·        power supply usage: +12V (15mA), -12V (15mA), 5V (10mA)

    ·        This module uses the 5V rail!


    great kit demo from synth DIY Guy:

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