MFOS ADSR Envelope Generator (MOTM)



MFOS ADSR Envelope Generator (+/-12V or +/-15V), MOTM

MOTM DIY Analog Modular / Bridechamber / Music From Outer Space

This is part of our series of module kits that combine the best of Music From Outer Space, the MOTM DIY Analog Modular format and Bridechamber! A blast back to earlier days of synth DIY –

This full synthCube kit combines Ray Wilson’s ADSR Envelope Generator PCB with the Bridechamber-designed MOTM format panel. 

The Panel+PCB bundle includes the panel, PCB and 2XMFOS Universal Mounting Brackets

The PCB mounts to the panel using the MFOS Universal Mounting Brackets. Some builders may choose to use a three-pot ‘stooge’ bracket for additional strength. 


  • 1 mS to 20 second Attack, Decay, and Release times.
  • Classic ADSR envelope shape and functionality.
  • Gate and trigger inputs permit retrigger after Attack complete.
  • Comparators on gate and trigger inputs.
  • Power Supply Range +/-9V up to +/-15V

All of the original descriptions, schematic, build notes etc can be found on the original Music From Outer Space website

Module Parameters

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