MFOS Echo Rockit


MFOS Echo Rockit


mfos echo rockit

from ray wilson:

"I think everyone who visits this website knows I like to make unusual sounds with electronics. The Echo Rockit makes some of the most unusual I've heard yet and it runs on one 9V battery. Any seasoned electronics diyer could build one. The low current design will give you hours and hours of creative sound making fun. You'll make sounds you'd swear would require a modular and all in the palm of your hand.

About the Anti-Feature "Significant noise at echo times > 340ms". The PT2399 is designed to produce echoes in the range of 40mS to 340mS. In addition to those delay times the Echo Rockit allows you to explore lower clock rates that result in longer echo times. However the longer the delay you select the more noise will be contributed by the PT2399's single bit A to D conversion mechanism. I don't want that to be a surprise to anyone."


the original echo rockit project page: mfos echo rockit



  • Simple 9V Battery Supply
  • External Input with Mic/Line Capability
  • Put external signals through VCF and Echo
  • Resonant Low Pass VCF Doubles as Sine Oscillator
  • External Voltage Control of VCF Cut Off Frequency
  • Echo Effect Processing (Volume, Delay, Repeat)
  • LFO Has Triangle and Square Waves
  • LFO Has Low and High Range
  • LFO Modulates Cut Off Frequency
  • LFO Modulates Echo Delay Time
  • Internal Oscillator for VCF Excitation
  • Exudes Coolness and... Amazingness!
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