Barton BMC077 Parallel DAC (PCB)



Barton BMC077 Parallel DAC (PCB)


This module is a 6-bit digital to analog converter with parallel inputs. Each of the six inputs corresponds to a bit in a binary number with the top input being the most-significant bit and the bottom input being the least-significant bit. The output is an analog voltage that corresponds to the binary number formed by the inputs.

This means that each input raises output voltage by twice as much as the previous input did. In my testing I've calibrated it so that the least-significant bit was 1/12 th of a volt (0.0834V) so that when the output is fed into a 1V/oct input on an oscillator it was a musical semi-tone, the next input a full- tone and the next two full tones, etc.

The PCB uses PC mounted jacks so there is no wiring when building for Eurorack. The PCB has mounting holes so offboard jacks can be used for building in other formats.



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