Michigan Synthworks Power Buss 13


diy-friendly power supply with space for thirteen (13) euro standard 16-pin shrouded power headers

pcb measures 15" long by 2" wide, with 8 mounting holes 

10W per 12V rail (833 mA maximum load), 633 mA 5V rail (optional).  Low noise, High efficiency DC powered PSU (9-36V DC Input, 2A minimum recommended)

utilizes the meanwell SKM-10A-12 DC-DC converters

designed for use with the synthCube acrylic flat-pak DIY euro cases available in 42, 84 and 104hp widths

the synthCube kit does not include the AC-DC power adapter; select a wall-wart suitable for your needs from your favorite supplier, or purchase one from us. 

We have standardized on the Phihong 30W 12V 2.5A power brick due to its quality and the availability of interchangeable power plug for US, UK and EU applications. If you order the wall wart here, we will ship the power plug that is associated with your shipping address--  unless you specify otherwise. 




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