Synthesis Technology MOTM-320 VC LFO


Synthesis Technology MOTM-320 VC LFO

The MOTM-320 is a full-featured Voltage-Controlled Low-Frequency Oscillator (VC LFO). Unlike the crude LFOs found in most synths, the MOTM-320 has 4 individual outputs plus a master Shape control. This control voltage will shift the shapes of the Pulse, Sine, and Saw outputs in unison. Both 1 volt/octave (temperature compensated!) and variable FM (through a reversing attenuator to go up or down) inputs are available.

Another unique feature is a Sync input. A positive voltage will reset all four waveforms. You can sync to just about any waveform, from another LFO to an envelope.

The MOTM-320 is not your standard LFO: it has a full-blown VCO core with discrete waveshaping based on the Moog modular and the EMS VCS3! The core has an astounding frequency range of 1 cycle in 30 minutes to about 2800Hz. A bi-color LED flashes at the LFO rate, and can be set with a jumper to indicate four different ways.

Using MOTM-320 as hard-sync driver to a bank of MOTM-300s
A couple of R2D2 units getting drunk in some seedy bar



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Panel Size2U

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