Neutron Orgone Accumulator (4U LW)

Neutron Orgone Accumulator (4U LW)


neutron sound/craig lee orgone accumulator, 4U format

craig lee has converted jim matheson's orgone module to be compatible with 4U and 5U formats

full kit to build the neutron-sound orgone accumulator digital wave module in 4Uformat

panel by loudest warning

this is the current version of the PCB/Panel (modified from the V1)


this kit includes everything you need to build the module EXCEPT FOR the teensy ARM and programming cable.


the teensy board is available here:

the cable is available here:


more information on the module, and build documentations: neutron sound original orgone site

craig lee's documentation: 4U orgone

Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count233
Module Parameters

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