Neutron M-Brane Yarns (White Magpie)

Neutron M-Brane Yarns (White Magpie)


Neutron M-Brane Yarns (White Magpie)


4-channel midi based on MI Yarns

In single voice mode, notevelocitymodulation and aftertouch (or other CC) CV are produced, along with a gate, a trigger, and a clock/reset output.

In two voices mode, 2 channels of note, modulation or aftertouch CV are produced, along with two gates, and clock/reset outputs.

Finally, in four voices mode, four pairs of CV/Gate outputs are provided.

The 2 and 4-voice modes are available both in a “polyphonic” and “multitimbral” flavour. The former receives chords from one single MIDI channel and dispatches them to the voices; while the later provides independent monophonic parts. Various note priority modes (low, high, last) and polyphonic allocation schemes (voice-stealing, random, cyclic).

Each voice has a built-in digital LFO to interpret modulation wheel messages as a vibrato; can respond to pitch-bend messages; or can be smoothed with a glide/portamento control.


Module Parameters

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