nlc1011 bong0, c68 euro

nlc1011 bong0, c68 euro


nlc1011 bong0, c68 euro

The bong0 is a twin-T based drum module with a LED acting as a nonlinear resistor to give it some interesting characteristics. 
The trigger input acts as a normal input to get your drum sound. The input marked ‘in’ can also be used, or you can jam a CV in there, or a gate or audio. You can just use the ‘in’ input without anything into the trigger. 

Bong0 can also be used for basslines, drones and as a crude but useful VCO. It has about 20 passive components which are 0805 smd and 1 thru-hole TL072, meaning it is a good circuit for learning to solder smd parts and delivers way more fun than such a simple module should. 

the panel is white pcb material with gold trim

documentation here: bongo



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