NLC1054 Sloth Chaos Triple, Euro C68 Version

NLC1054 Sloth Chaos Triple, Euro C68 Version


nlc sloth chaos triple, euro c68 panel

euro panel by clarke robinson, aluminum 12hp

This module produces two different, very slow chaotic CV signals. This module includes ALL THREE versions of the sloth v2 pcbs::

Sloth - 12-16 seconds per cycle 
Super Sloth - 12-16 minutes per cycle. 
Stasis Sloth - 1.5-2 hours per cycle 

The pot varies the cycle length between approx 12 to 16 seconds for regular and 12 to 16 minutes for super. It also changes the behaviour of the module, when turned to max the outputs tend to stay in one well or strange attractor for longer periods before crossing over to the other well. 
The LED changes from red to green depending whether the circuit is going positive or negative. In the case of the Super Sloth, the LED will generally change colour every 15 minutes or so, but sometimes it may meander around in a chaotic well for up to 2 hours. If you like slowly changing, never repeating ambient soundscapes, these are for you. This is a true chaotic circuit, the output signals never repeat themselves but operate withing a bounded region.

The full kit includes everything you need, all parts individually bagged and labelled. It includes a ribbon cable and 1X 16-pin and 3X 10-pin headers so you can create a single power cable to power all three pcbs.


the module is discussed further in this thread: nlc sloth chaos 

the BOM, build guide and schematic are here: nlc sloth chaos





Kit Parameters
Build Difficultyeasy-moderate
Parts Count107
SMT partsnone

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