NLC1105 Helvetica Scenario (Black Magpie)

NLC1105 Helvetica Scenario (Black Magpie Version) - synthCube


NLC1105 Helvetica Scenario (Black Magpie Version)


This module is a dual sample & hold with voltage controlled slew for each channel. It contains a simple jerk chaos circuit running at approx. 300Hz to supply a signal for sampling. So, it is similar to the Buchla 265 Source of Uncertainty except is uses chaos as a source rather than white noise and a 100Hz oscillator, plus a lot less components, no weird power supply voltages……and there are two of them in 8HP.

To get it running, patch a signal into the clock input. Clock 2 is normalled to Clock 1 so a signal on 1 will drive both channels.

The Stepped Out only samples from the chaos circuit, whereas the S&H out and Smooth Out are sampled from whatever signal is patched to the Sample In (or chaos if nothing patched in).The chaos signals are taken from different sections of the chaos circuit so if just driving the module with a single clock signal you can get 6 different chaos signals out of it, assuming you turn up the Slew pot a bit.



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