Oakley Diode Superladder Variable Slope VCF MOTM 1U

oakley diode superladder variable slope vcf (OAKLEYDIODESLVCFMASTER) by synthcube.com

Oakley Diode Superladder Variable Slope VCF MOTM 1U


oakley diode superladder variable slope vcf

full kit includes everything you need to build the module including the panel, main pcb, sock4 jack pcb, panel and pcb components, etc

component kit excludes the panel, pcbs, and panel parts

This latest version of the classic Oakley Superladder has been re-designed from the ground up to sound good using diodes.

The circuit is considerably different from all previous designs and has its own tonal characteristics I think you will love. It now features a new switch to select the maximum number of diode rungs in the ladder. You can now chose between four and five pole filtering - with the five pole mode giving a steeper roll off and smoother tone.

The Diode Superladder VCF features both voltage control over frequency and resonance. Unique to any diode ladder filter is has a variable shape output. This incorporates a feature first seen on the Oakley Orbital prototypes. A single pot allows you to vary the output from one (or two) pole low pass to four (or five) pole low pass via band pass in the middle.

The Diode Superladder's output is what we call 'Q compensated'. This means that the output volume will not drop significantly when you turn up the resonance pot. This design uses two inbuilt VCAs to achieve voltage controlled resonance without the hassle. At high levels of resonance the Diode Superladder will self-oscillate across most of the audio band and thus can be used as a sinewave voltage controlled oscillator.

The filter core uses transistors wired as diodes which means it does not clip the signal abruptly but saturates smoothly. This allows the Diode Superladder to sound very different depending on the input signal level. When used with signals below 2V peak the Superladder will sound clean and bright. However, take your signal levels above 2V peak and it will start to take on a more strident tone particularly at higher levels of resonance. Coupled with the variable slope control, this sensitivity to input level means the Diode Superladder can produce a wonderful array of different tones.

Kit Parameters
Parts Count172
Module Parameters
Panel Width1U

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