oakley modular state variable vcf (svcf)

oakley modular state variable vcf (svcf)

oakley modular state variable vcf

This is a two pole multimode filter capable of high pass, low pass, band pass and notch output modes. All four outputs are available simultaneously. This new version of the very popular Oakley design is based around the classic two pole state variable filter topology as used in a variety of vintage synths including the Oberheim SEM and OB-X. At high resonance the Oakley SVF will oscillate over the whole of the audio band and is temperature compensated.

The design is intended to fit into a 1U wide 'filter-core' module 

The 1U 'Filter Core' format is our way of handling filter modules. Although the 1U module can be used as a filter module on its own, it is expected that users will make use of external mixers to control CV and audio levels going into the filter. In this way, you will be able to have a collection of space saving 1U filter cores that can be used with any generic mixer module. The Oakley Multimix is an ideal choice for a handy mixer module.

full kit includes everything you need to build the module, including the sock-8 pcb

Kit Parameters
Build Difficultyeasy-moderate
Parts Count115
SMT partsnone

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