Open Music Labs x0x heart (Grayscale)

Open Music Labs x0x heart (Grayscale)

Open Music Labs x0x heart (Grayscale)


synthCube is proud to collaborate with open music labs!

we are offering the DIY version of the x0x-heart. 

the main pcb is a fully assembled and tested SMT board- its the analogue heart of the TB-303

the pacemaker pcb and DIY grayscale euro panel can be assembled together with the x0x-heart main pcb for a complete DIY euro module! Its 18hp wide. 

our full kit includes the assembled x0x-heart main SMT pcb, the unpopulated pacemaker through-hole pcb, and all of the pacemaker pcb and panel parts, including ribbon cable, power cables, mounting hardware etc. 

NOTE: the unpopulated PCB is a very challenging SMT DIY build. Please do NOT attempt to build an unpopulated PCB unless you are confident and experienced in DIY SMT. 

updated as of October 2020: new pacemaker pcbs are blue pcb material with gold immersion finish


The x0x-heart is the heart of the infamous TB-303, surgically extracted to be transplanted into your designs. The x0x-heart is just the analog section of the TB-303, replicated with SMT components, and made small enough to fit into a Eurorack modular format. It even has a Eurorack power header on it.

The x0x-heart is designed to be small, inexpensive, and a close replica of the TB-303. It is not a perfect replica – some sacrifices were made to keep costs down – but it’s pretty darn close. It also has no pots or controls, making it great for DIY synth building. All of the useful I/O points are pinned out, and as a special bonus feature, digital control is given for Accent, Slide, Decay, Waveform select, Cutoff, and Env Mod. For more information including videos and links to the manual, please visit the open music labs xOx-heart webpage. The link is

there's a helpful thread in the muffwiggler forum as well: x0xHeart thread

Module Parameters
Panel Size18HP

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pcb, populated w/smt
In stock / $139.00
Available : 98
full kit- euro
In stock / $229.00
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synthCube assembled, new
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panel + assembled main pcb + unpopulated pacemaker pcb
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panel- euro
In stock / $30.00
Available : 40
pacemaker pcb
In stock / $18.00
Available : 25

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