Outside US (OUS) Shipping and Delivery Information


FREE SHIPPING for ‘FLAT’ orders – valid for orders greater than $25, for parcels weighing 28 grams or less and no larger than 17X30X2 cm

 ‘FLAT’ orders include some parts, pcbs or panels where the total weight (including packaging) does not exceed 1oz (28 grams) and is no larger than 7X12X3/4 inches (17X30X2 cm). Shipping via USPS International First Class. Offer limited to one qualifying order per week. Some small parts orders will not qualify for this rate as they exceed the minimum ¾” (2cm) thickness dimension. This service is neither tracked nor insured and shipping may take longer than average, in some instances up to 4-5 weeks for certain OUS countries. If you order with this method we do not have a way to track your order once it leaves the shop. If you want your item shipped with 'average' or 'normal' shipping times please do not select this method. 


FLAT RATE DISCOUNT SHIPPING $8.99 / $11.99 / $15.99/$24.99 - valid ONLY for orders weighing up to 4lbs (1.82kg)

Orders up to US$50 ship for US$8.99 flat rate

Orders between US$50 and $100 ship for US$11.99 flat rate

Orders between US$100 and $500 ship for US15.99 flat rate

Orders US$500 and above ship for $24.99 flat rate

Shipping via USPS International First Class. The parcel can be tracked to the point of US departure port, after which tracking varies by national post service. This service is not insured against loss or damage.

Certain parcels shipped via this method may not be trackable. 


DISCOUNTED SHIPPING via all other carrier services - valid for all orders

Valid for all orders and carrier options including USPS Priority Mail, DHL, Fedex and UPS. We offer a discount from the shipping rate provided to us by the carriers, for your location and choice of shipping service. The discounted rates available for your location will appear in your checkout screen.


Important: Our store software and shipping calculator should provide these rate options for you. It may take us some time to ‘fine tune’ our catalog so everything reflects accurately. If your order qualifies for a discounted rate and it does not appear in your cart, you can check out and we will manually refund any excess shipping charge based upon the rate your order qualifies for.


Your items will be shipped from the synthCube shop in bedford, ma

Shipping estimates will be calculated based on best available option at the time you order based on the quantity of items, weight and shipping dimensions

IMPORTANT:  Insurance is NOT provided for shipments using USPS International First Class. If you use this method of shipping for orders delivered outside the US, your shipment is NOT covered by insurance and you accept the full risk of delivery loss or damage. Please DO NOT select USPS International First Class for delivery if you are concerned about delivery risk or damage. While instances of loss or damage are rare, they DO HAPPEN. 

SHIPMENTS DAMAGED IN TRANSIT: For insured shipments, we will require your cooperation to make the necessary claim in order to replace the damaged items for you. In general, we will need to submit claims within 30 days of the package arriving. Beyond 30 days, we can no longer honor the damage claim.

SHIPMENTS RETURNED BY POSTAL SERVICE TO THE SHOP: We occasionally get overseas parcels returned. If your parcel is returned you have two options: 1) Cancel the order. We will refund the total order value less the shipping costs. 2) Request that we re-send the order. We will invoice you for the shipping and ship the parcel a second time. We will hold returned parcels for one year and make attempts to contact you. If unable to do so, the order is forfeit.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please make sure your telephone number is accurate in your user profile. This is included on the label for overseas shipments so your local customs/duty/delivery service can contact you. Many customs/duty/delivery services will return packages to us if they cannot reach the recipient via telephone. 

SHIPMENTS MISSING FOR 5 WEEKS OR MORE: Occasionally, overseas parcels do not get delivered, and are not returned to us. If its been at least 25 business days since your parcel was shipped and its not been delivered nor returned to us, we will consider it 'lost:' 

 If your lost order was shipped via USPS International First Class, it is not insured for replacement. Contact us to discuss options. 

 If your order was shipped via USPS Priority Mail, it is insured for replacement. Contact us and we will replace the order, and we will file a claim with the Postal Service.

Delivery times to some European countries may take up to 6 weeks due to postal service issues-- sometimes ours, sometimes yours, sometimes both! We have experienced shipping times of up to 36 business days in some instances. If you are ordering from outside the US, please wait until 25 days business days after placing your order to enquire about shipping delays. We receive numerous inquiries after 6-10 days, and in almost all of those instances, the package arrives within a few additional days. 

Credit card orders over US$500 will be held a minimum of ten days before shipping due to an increase in recent credit card fraud. 


Please contact us with any questions!